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Sunday, May 4, 2014


Forever friends. 
we cant measure friendship in dollars, time or weight. we cant see it coming, that part is left to fate. but once we know the blessings that come with one good friend, we know the joy and gladness of friendship without end. 
*tengok glass frame yang awak kasi. the black one.*

as if you remember the words you're giving to us. as if you remember your promises of being there when it comes to hardship or bless.

where is it?

why cant we just be who we were? why cant we just cheers all the things that coming and shade tears together? i miss us.

awak tahu bila orang ada masalah. you feel it. where is it, now? when i need you the most, and you're not here to ask. and its been habit that i'm waiting for you to ask.

we were so close.

but now, i guess we are not who are. arent we?

we are not who we're suppose to be. it's no us anymore ke?

you change, i change, she changes.

how can i possibly bond us when we are getting far apart? i dont share mine, and so were you. i dont know how are you, what's going on, are you hurt, did someone hurt you.

mana my teddy bear? who use to be here when im crying. awak kata awak tak suka tengok orang menangis, and you really do know how to calm me.

it hurts you when im hurting. arent you? awak tak boleh rasa ke sekarang? you sense's gone? you know well my ego. yet i've been mistaken. your ego is greater than mine, now.

i just miss my teddy bear.

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