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Monday, March 12, 2018

When We First Met

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It’s 12/3/2018.

I’ve been logged out from my Facebook like ages and last day I decided to log in back. To see stuffs. And I just notice a DM from Anep. Where he suggested me to see this one good movie. I’m gonna say it’s a really really amazing movie. Titled : When We First Met.

Well at the very first five mins and so, I knew there’s twist yang macam I knew it I knew it. Its cliché I must say. But the good thing about this movie is the message. You can get tons of good movies with cliché timeline but different messages. That’s what exactly what I want. I can see 1001 movies with same plot, same character, same timeline I don’t care as long as they manage to send me different messages.

I’m touched with this one.

To conclude this movie, its about a man who loves his friend at the very first sight but she ended up marrying another friend of hers. Thus, this guy kinda broken hearted and wished that he could turn the time back to where it started to make it all right. So that she can chose him. He did turn the time back few times using the old photo booth machine founded in a bar where he works.  But the outcomes don’t end to what he wants.

He might get the girl but sadly he will lose his best friend.

He gets the girl, but just for pleasure.

He gets the girl, but she doesn’t even feel the same like him.

So what ever he did, she will never like him. And he realized that there’s nothing he can do to change things. Along the way of travelling, he did realize that the one match made from heaven for him is there all along. Many time of travelling, each creating the opportunities for him to realize that but he didn’t. Oh sedih.

This is what dialogues that catch my ears and mind to keep remembering ;

“Fate is a tricky lady.  The more you try to figure it out, the more you get confuse.”

“Mistakes make you who you are today.”

“Things happened randomly, for no reason at all. But it creates opportunity and you learn from the opportunity.”

But, the question is .. “ Can you recognize the next opportunity when it matters the most?”

Truthly, I shed tears seeing this movie. It hurts me bad. But the ‘good’ hurt tho.

I see memories, I see efforts, I see ups and I see downs. But, you know what ever you did if that’s not meant to be, its not gonna happen. On the other side, in any way you deny it but if it’s meant for you, it will happen for you. You just have to be patience, and live. There’s not even 1 second you should waste for something useless.

I can’t really say that I’m totally happy for who I am today cz you know perfect machine breaks too. Inikan pula manusia.

You can have your time for that breakdown. I’m not gonna say its useless cz it is usable. It calms your heart and your mind sometimes.

So so so, Anep thanks for the good movie thou and sorry for the late responds.

You can easily watch the movie from

And Ain is off to her next book! Hahaha.

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