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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The risk


I usually don't take risk and usually play it safe. Simply dump everything risky and choose the nearest things that are beneficial for me. Just like that.

It's frustrating now on how I put everything on this line and not knowing either i'm being lift up or push down. Phew.

I guess I need to learn something new aye. But yeah, everything's gonna be just alright. Even if I'm being pushed down and that's that. But in the mean time, I still got things I need to fix which is my own self, do I?

So yeah. I'm preparing myself for the worst.

Happy Incoming Birthday, little self. You're not that 'little' anymore. I love you when you're being you. That egoist, and thick head in your adorable way! Hahaha. People loves the way you are and by that, those people are YOUR own people. Your family. It's gonna be okay.

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