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Friday, June 9, 2017

It's your turning table


Maybe it's the way you say my name,
Maybe it's the way you play your game.

A box will always give you surprises. You might get excited to open it but you'll get hurt on taking it as it was empty. Close it and reopened. It might filled, or not. 

It is always and always on what people say about you. It's always about what people judge about you. And it's always what people think about you. First impression are the hardest point to change. 

Murderer will always kill. 
Liars will always lie.
Sinners will always do sins.

They won't change. Aren't they? They're not worth giving time to repent, human just don't change. Aren't they?


They will. They can change. How?

Easy. Remind them how bad they were. Remind them how sucks they were. Remind them that their smallest mistakes will always count. Their flaws will always be judged. And tell them, 'You don't deserve even the tiniest sins for your entire life as you've done enough.' 

Expect them to be great in a blink. Expect them to change on the spot. Expect them.. and always have the greater expectations on them. 


Because people tend to repeat their mistakes. Because we do great things to them, but they throw shit on us. Because we scared that they might turned out to be the same. Because we don't trust as the trust had been broken for multiple times. 

Don't educate them, but provoke. Don't show mercy, but hurt instead. Why? Because they don't deserve any of it. Don't forgive nor forget. It brings you nothing to forgive and forget. Let them conceal on their own. Why? Because they deserve it.

Dear sinners,
If they told you this, you tell yourself that you're good. You're a human with feelings. If they don't understand you, or if they don't even want to.. let them be. But be great. You might done it once, or twice or multiple uncountable times.. but you will always and always have time to repent. Take your time as much as you want and show them that they're wrong. You might screwed up several times, and you will always be better. 

Smile and always forgive. Be strong on your own because you had done enough. This is your turning table. Your card had been switched. You're not attackers. You're on the defense. Get hurt a lil, and repent. And if you're tired, be happy in any ways you can be. Because you deserve life. 

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