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Friday, July 7, 2017

A war

This happened when you didnt had meal for 2 days only

You hands start to experience minor shakes.
Your legs too and bila kau jalan, kau rasa tanah tu tak rata. Macam pijak batu bersepah. Bila-bila kau boleh jatuh.
Your heart start to beat faster. You'll experience shortness of breath and you can't really gasping for air. It'll really tiring you up.
Your head gonna spin a bit, get dizzy. Both your left and right brain gonna sting you a bit.
Don't worry. You still can get up.
You might had a chest pain. Maybe sebab angin.
Unconscious? Get ready to fall asleep deeper than you should.
Your weight will drastically fall. As me myself lost 2 kgs for 2 days.
Your eyes gonna be so heavy.
You're gonna throw up frequently like 3-4 times a day on the second day with empty stomach. But you won't die.

Scientifically, your glycogen (glucose) stores after a day. After that you'd begin to use up your fat stores. You'd start to feel weaker, be irritable due to hunger, and probably think less clearly, as your brain would use ketone bodies (from fatty acids) rather than glucose, which it prefers. But you wouldn't cause a whole lot of damage.

When you had a war in your mind, you won't think for other. just one. that one.

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